Simply HR Services Ltd


Hi Karen and Kay!

Here’s the draft of the video, which I’ve done using icons rather than the characters, in the cartoony style.

  • I can change the music track to something more upbeat or slower
  • I think I’ve pretty much matched your logo colours but if you do have the exact # colour codes then I can change that
  • I can change the slide styles and order etc 
  • Your email was too long to fit on the first slide of contact details, which is why I’ve done it on the last – I can also put your website address on the last one
  • I can change content but remember the recommended limit is 50 characters and the real one varies between 60 and 80. 
  • There’s actually 15 seconds of video that I’ve not done – so 3 slides – should be enough for say a testimonial, more info, etc 

You get up to two sets of amendments so think of as many changes on this set, so that a second set is to finalise anything.


Kirsty :)