In your dog house gifts



Here’s the first draft of your video – you get up to two sets of amendments so let me know of changes – the first lot you request count as one set, then I send back an updated video and any changes are then your second lot.

  • I can change the audio music
  • Text: I can change the words but on video footage slides I can’t change the formatting. On the photo slides with the pop up text box I can only have white or black text.
  • Timings: unfortunately I can’t make slides longer than they currently are
  • Photos: the way the photo slides work mean I have to have a pop up text box and this option was the least obtrusive. Alternatively I can do the jigsaw style approach to mix it up, which is what I’ve done on the opening slide. For those, I could add text to the image itself. I could put two images of Rupert on the slide about him?
  • Photo slides: as you’ll see, on the photo slides there’s a white gap where the text box is – I could add a background colour so it’s not white?
  • Stock video: I’ve chosen these stock video slides but if you want to change them for something then let me know some ideas of what kind of video content you’d like to see

I look forward to hearing from you :)