Lightweight Tiles



Here’s your third draft of the video. Some things to note;

  1. Regarding the first slide to show up – if you use the MP4 version it seems to be the photo of the roof tiles (you know the one showing the different colours – I’m not sure how this actually gets picked) but if you use the Vimeo link (which has the bonus of being easier to schedule on social media and you should be able to use it on your site) then I can actually pick a slide for it to show on – so it doesn’t have to be the first one.
  2. I wasn’t able to get those new videos you sent over to work properly :( 
  3. I can’t make the slide text/box bigger/smaller unfortunately
  4. Changed it to DIY friendly with nothing else on that slide
  5. I’m hoping this “combined” version with the flash is OK and I used the one from that new jpg you sent so thanks
  6. Calendar – I’ve changed the slide background so it’s now darker as I couldn’t get the text to move, but it’s the same idea


Kirsty :)