Central Team

  • Kirsty is the queen bee at We Love Our Locals and is your friendly account manager to provide that personal service. Having built up her connections at networking and exhibitions, Kirsty’s known for her honesty and genuine approach. She volunteers at a Weston Hospicecare charity shop and is currently failing to do yoga and spin at a local gym. She has two adorable cats and a family background in small businesses – her dad owns an independent camera shop and her uncle owns a small cafe. 

Creative Team

  • Lee is our main graphic designer and with over two decades of experience in print design it’s no wonder our clients love his work! Lee created our logo, business cards and more besides, and has experience covering even the most “boring” stuff like NCR forms – so if you want anything at all jazzed up then Lee’s your man! Living in Torquay, Lee loves living by the seaside. Lee is an avid water drinker – which is simply not normal as most designers are coffee addicts!

  • Dean is another of our much loved graphic designers and is known for producing fantastic design for a wide array of print materials, largely due to his experience in running print rooms for companies. Based in Somerset and having met Kirsty at networking events, he’s affectionately known for being a stereotypical Somerset lad – he works at cattle auctions on the weekend, loves the Wurzels and has the dress sense of a farmer (but we love you all the same Dean).

  • Mike’s services are popularly requested by people that want a refreshingly friendly approach to their copywriting needs. He has a diverse range of skills due to working with several non-profit organisations in the South West where he was basically the marketing guy – content, design, music and more. When he’s not writing captivating content for businesses he’s penning new songs for the band he plays in.

  • Michael is an experienced Wordpress designer who can turn that CSS confusion into a clear client winner. If you’re fed up with trying to understand Wordpress, haven’t been getting results from your own DIY efforts or simply just want a website because you’ve not got one yet, Michael’s our go-to guy. Based in the Midlands, there’s nothing he loves more than listening to some great music whilst he’s creating his next online masterpiece

  • Aaron is another intrepid Wordpress explorer that joined our team after spending six years freelancing for clients across the world via freelancing platforms. Living in Yeovil (Somerset) with his young family, Aaron is bit of a night owl but on those rare nights off enjoys himself by playing pool down the pub (with some proper Somerset cider of course!). 

Print Team

  • Matt’s one of the most highly regarded promotional printer providers in the South West. Seen at exhibitions everywhere in Bristol, Kirsty met him at networking meetings and was so happy with his service for some of our printing that she approached him about a collaboration. Matt’s service is simply exemplary – he can create all kinds of mock ups, advise on how to actually use it as a marketing product rather than “just another giveaway” and he does it with a great sense of humour (which really helps make it more enjoyable). He also plays in an awesome band. 

  • Nigel is another Bristol based printing supplier that is seen at lots of business exhibitions and networking events. His company is often the exclusive South West licensee for suppliers of large format printing and signs. The quality of his products is exceptional and due to manufacturing in-house they can save a lot of money compared to buying everything in. 

  • Glyn is celebrating his 30th anniversary of running his own print broker business this year! Go Glyn! We go to Glyn when your print requirements are a bit more complicated, as with his extensive reach of suppliers built up over the years he tends to know the perfect person for the job. His success is down to his highly personal service. Based in Bristol, he used to be a rugby player and even managed to get “kidnapped” by his team on his wedding day!

  • Nevil runs an independent mailing house which can do letters, personalised postcards and brochure mailouts among many other services. If it can be posted they can sort it out! He lives in North Somerset and is famous locally for having a Jag (or Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag…as for some reason people say it that way!) as well as enjoying the golf club that he lives by.

  • With his specialist print shop in the heart of Somerset, Paul helps creatives whether that is artists, photographers or simply anyone with a requirement for canvas, fine art printing, photo papers and greeting cards. He has one of the largest giclee printers in the South West, and can even do things like printing family trees! His approachable style makes him a pleasure to deal with and he’s known for going above and beyond to get people what they need.

Digital Team

  • John is our resident Google (and Bing) expert with many years’ experience in helping small businesses utilise pay per click advertising so they get piping hot leads delivered to them when their prospects want to buy. Having known John for over a year at networking events and being impressed with expertise, approachability and success with several contacts, Kirsty asked him to join the team as our PPC guru and he kindly accepted. He lives in Bristol, and loves beer and football! We simply refer work to John so you can benefit from his expertise directly.

  • We are very excited to have Phil on our team! In his second year of freelancing, he’s been working with marketing agencies and some big names for over a decade now. He travels the world providing lectures about conversion rate optimisation and working with clients in places like New York and Milan. Now living in Somerset, Kirsty met him at a networking event (these events are very good for Kirsty aren’t they?!) and after helping her out with a couple of clients has become a part of our team. He loves to play squash and has a twin brother (which can get a bit confusing but thankfully his twin can barely use a computer so it’s easy to tell them apart!).

  • Ron is our account manager at the mobile app company that we resell apps from. Based in Wales they cover quite a lot of countries and have a 24/7 coverage on their website that we can access when required, but most of the time our enquiries are handled by Ron. A friendly fellow, he’s been working with them for a couple of years now and we love working with him due to his quick replies and gratuitous use of smilies :) 

Engagement Team

  • Sarah joined our team about 3 years ago and in that time has done campaigns for a variety of companies including marketing, IT, telecoms, SEO, website design, training providers, recruitment, accountants, printers and a 3D visualisation company, She’s now consistently booked up with a mixture of regular clients and clients that want a one off campaign. Sarah lives in Teesside with her husband and daughter, and enjoys nights in watching comedies. 

  • Rebecca is an award winning journalist who has now set up a business providing high quality content marketing including blogs and website content. We use Rebecca for her affordable press release service, where she makes your company irresistible to media outlets in the UK. She loves writing so much she’s even got a 1st Class Masters degree in Online Journalism and is a published author. 

  • Beth is there to make sure the fiddly tasks like updating mobile apps, handwriting any cards, sending out SMS campaigns and anything else that usually requires a LOT of caffeine to be consumed before you finally decide to fob it off anyway because there’s some paint you want to watch dry… Based in Weston super Mare, she’s a big fan of anything written by Agatha Christie and adores 80s music (especially A-Ha).