Budget Animated Videos

Attract clients with shareable videos

Why animated videos?

Video is a massive part of online marketing nowadays, but a lot of us lack the time, finances or desire to make lots of videos. Our animated videos offer an affordable and convenient way of you tapping into this growing method, whilst being interesting and getting shared by your clients.

Template videos

Our animated videos are template based, which we then customise to suit your needs. This allows us to have low prices, as genuinely custom videos can cost thousands! We have a range of characters, videos, photos and audio, you can choose two colours and provide your own text. Take a look at some example templates below… 

How much do you charge?

We charge £65 for up to 60 seconds of video in the style below with payment made in advance.


Here’s a small range of examples we have made – take a look by clicking on the expand button in the bottom right hand corner of each video. Enjoy! 

Cotswold Hypnotherapy Rooms



Koru Clinic

Secret Loaf

Critical Mass Marketing

Simply HR Services

4Networking Gordano

Connor's Helping Hand

Olive Tree Training


In your Dog House Gifts


  1. Let us know you’d like to go ahead
  2. We’ll need files and the brief for your video
  3. We’ll give you a first draft within 5 working days
  4. You can request any changes
  5. We’ll submit your amended video within 2 working days
  6. Once it’s finished, we’ll email you some questions for feedback

Brief Requirements

  • PNG file of your logo
  • Contact details that you’d like on the video (keep it simple with one call to action)
  • 2 colours for the illustrated slides (ideally colour codes if you have certain company colours eg #ffffff and #00adef is ours)
  • Provided content if you desire: photos, videos and audio (optional – we can source if needed, if so please tell us what you’re looking for)
  • The text content for your video – try to limit to 50 characters per slide (we can continue sentences across multiple slides). Plan for 10 slides max. Most people give us bullet points or a paragraph of content.
  • Rough idea of slides you like the look of – fully animated like Cotswold, stock video like Secret Loaf, part photo like Koru Laser…

Order your animated video

Ordering your animated video is simple and when you order by the 7th September 2020 you’ll get it for £25 instead of £65! 

Click the Order Now button and you’ll be able to pay via PayPal using your balance, credit or debit card or bank account.