Opening doors to UK and global media

Are you looking to get an existing press release sent out? Need a piece written as well? Our digital press release service makes quality distribution available to businesses of all budgets, allowing for regular or one-off campaigns to get those column inches. 



Getting your company relevant coverage across the media to boost awareness and credibility to achieve sales.



If you’re stuck for inspiration then a press release planner consisting of at least 20 article/PR ideas for your business, based on your industry and angles you’d like to use. Consistency is key to press success! 


If you opt for us to write your press release you’ll get help creating an angle that will capture attention in overflowing inboxes. We will then pen a full release of about 500 words bespoke to your business that can be reviewed and amended until it hits the spot. 


Digital distribution is ideal if you’re looking for national or regional coverage in newspapers, magazines, radio stations, TV shows and bloggers that are relevant. Using the CISION network we can identify the correct contacts to increase success with the direct person, who each receive a personalised email. We can also upload to the network so it’s ranked on Google the same day, adding credible online links for your business.

Tell your story

The media are always after impressive content to keep readers engaged. Stories are one of the best ways to achieve that, but so is expert knowledge that their readers crave. Press releases, especially over time, build up a relationship that can lead to coverage. Whether that’s editorial or an advice column, it’s an effective way of getting in front of your target market without necessarily selling.


These prices are for one off campaigns. If you’re looking for a regular campaign we can discuss prices on an individual basis.



  • At least 20 press release article or angle ideas
  • Delivered within one week
  • Crafted for your business, industry and audience
  • Ideal if you’re new to press releases, have no idea of what you can do, or need some inspiration for your campaigns to help you plan more effectively



Distribution only

  • You provide the press release (one release)
  • We create a bespoke list of outlets ie bloggers, magazines
  • We send your press release (as is – maximum of 3 images included) to the recipients of the list and upload to CisonWire to join the online global network
  • We pass responses onto you
  • Delivered within one week



Press Release + Distribution

  • 1x 500 word press release to whet the appetites of media outlets
  • Distributed to a bespoke media contact list with personalised emails within a chosen country (eg UK)
  • We will work with you to suggest angles if you don’t already have them
  • Any responses to us will be passed to you
  • Delivered within one week


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