Finding you leads 

So you can focus on converting the hottest prospects

Need more clients?

Loathe the phone but love getting leads? Want to focus your attention on the people most likely to buy? 

Our approach to telemarketing has generated thousands of leads for clients. What could it do for you? 


A different approach to outsourcing

Your named telemarketer will learn about your business and won’t use a robotic sounding script – just some bullet points to keep the call on track. You can talk to them beforehand and outline specific feedback wanted. If desired, they can do the follow up emails and even callbacks to chase. That way, you can achieve a natural sounding team member on terms to fit your needs.

Want 50 calls one off, 100 calls a week, someone for 20 hours a month? 

It’s all possible with our three flexible services and no long-term contracts.

Telemarketing Services


No empty promises or impossible guarantees

We do the hard work for you and review your campaign to help you maximise success. Clients love our transparency. Factors that affect success include;

  • Data quality
  • Polite callers, not pushy rude ones
  • Suitable times and days – 5pm Friday has no chance!
  • Right offering for the prospects
  • Follow up effectively
  • Research where possible

How it works

Once we’ve agreed the best solution for your business we’ll need you to send us a basic script (bullet points are ideal), information about your services and business (names of people they might deal with, how long it’s been going, where it’s based, contact details) so your telemarketer can sound as natural as possible, and the database. We encourage you to talk to your telemarketer beforehand so you’re confident they’re right for you.

For each call cycle – however many that is – you’ll simply need to send us any new data. Data needs to be in a spreadsheet. Please note that we don’t deal with CRM systems or your own telecoms system as standard – that often requires a small additional fee to cover training/set up time. 

Overall, it should take less than an hour for us to get your telemarketing campaign sorted. We’ll book in agreed days so everyone knows where they stand. And then, the calls will begin!

Want us to cover follow-ups too? Not a problem! We can get them to the point where they want to discuss details with you.

Our Pricing

How many clients do you need to get to make your money back?

50 calls only


  • Ideal to try us out or for quick call campaigns like database cleansing, verifying contacts or asking if they’d like information – calls will generally be a maximum of 2 minutes each.
  • Not suitable for market research
  • Minimum order of just 50 calls which are called in one day
  • Doesn’t include callbacks to no answers, calls to premium rate numbers or follow up emails

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4 hours calling


  • Perfect if you’re looking for longer conversations with prospects such as basic market research or you want callbacks
  • 4 hours is enough to contact about 70-100 people
  • Minimum order of 4 hours but this can be split up across 2 different days
  • Doesn’t include premium rate numbers or follow up emails

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Please note that our payment terms are always in advance by bank transfer (other methods available). If you have long term campaigns or would appreciate split payments ie weekly then that can be arranged.

Calls & Emails


  • Looking for someone to chase as well? Initial calls, follow up emails and follow up calls across the two weeks after the first call.
  • 2.5 hour initial calling block, with 2 hours across the next fortnight for following up
  • Minimum order is one block of 4.5 hours
  • Doesn’t include premium rate numbers

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Stop wasting time on the people that will never buy from you. Get focused leads without doing the work yourself.